Ego and us

Ego wants to do big things. It's not satisfied with changing one life. It wants to transform millions of lives. It wants Likes. Recognition.

Or, it goes into its shell. Struggling to find its place in the world. Becoming small. Guilty. Jealous. Angry.

Medical pursuits in longevity

In 1956, Clive McCay, a scientist from Cornell and his team conjoined 69 pairs of rats to study the effect of revitalizing the old with the blood of the young. After months of conjoining, the bones of some older rats became similar in density and strength to that of the young.

The wider context of patient engagement

We don't invest as much time in understanding the broader context of the patient in front of us. The before/after factors that we don’t see. But have far reaching impact on care. 

A few days ago, I shadowed a patient through a day procedure. From the time that the nurse checked her weight to the time that she was discharged.

Rethinking government's role in healthcare

There's a lot of debate about government's role in healthcare. Much of our attention is focused on fixing sickness not preventing disease.

We obsess about availability of doctors, hospital beds, staff and infrastructure to treat sick people. We don't debate enough about government's role in maintaining health of its population.

The missing operating system in healthcare

At HIMSS 2017, IBM's chief Ginni Rometty reassured in a keynote that there will be "new collar jobs" because of advances in cloud computing, data, and AI.

We are bravely marching towards cognitive computing in healthcare. However, the world of healthcare technology is dotted with isolated islands that make this march a huge challenge.