Find your shining spot in the healthcare world


Healthcare is complex. With a huge learning curve. Highly regulated. Difficult to get in and stay there. Your ethics will be put to question.

In healthcare, it takes monumental effort to launch products. Leave alone have clients use and enjoy your creation. Even more difficult is building a profitable business that sustains itself. Without burning other people's money.

If you find yourself asking these questions, you've come to the right place...

"I have an idea. How do I now make it happen?"

"How do I build something impactful without it being a non-profit?"

"How do I get more clients in healthcare?"

"How do I build something that's relevant for healthcare's future?"

"How do I create products that are wanted by the market?"

"How do I navigate regulatory challenges?"

"How do I run a profitable company without needing VC money?"

I've been on this journey for 13 years. 


I'm Praveen Suthrum. Here's how Inc. magazine described me. At the tender age of 31, Praveen Suthrum would already seem to have achieved the American dream.

This was around the time we started my company NextServices.

In reality, the only dreams I had were my own. To build something meaningful. That can impact others. Something that'll also help me pay off my student loan!

Fast forward to today. NextServices continues to grow by launching innovative products and services in healthcare.

Whether you are starting or growing your healthcare business, my weekly insights help you stay on top of your game. While you are at it, you'll even think differently about healthcare.

Two ways people consistently describe what I write: 
"insightful" and "thought-provoking". (including my professors from the brilliant academic haven of University of Michigan!).

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